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Just flip a switch and watch your profits soar!

Of all the ways you can add value to your sawing operation, adding a dry kiln is the easiest way to add the most value. For very little extra effort, you can DOUBLE – even TRIPLE – the value of every tree you fell, every board you saw.

Kiln dried lumber is worth far more than green or air-dried.

Kiln dried, your lumber’s automatically worth two to three times as much as green. And even at 3X the price, it’s far more marketable: many folks won’t even consider green or air-dried lumber.

A simple shed and a TK kiln is all it takes.

Build a simple shed, add a TimberKing kiln, and you’re in business. Stack your green boards and hit the switch — wait 1 to 5 weeks depending on species – remove your value added lumber and start another load! Our L-200M makes it even easier: a computer controls the heating cycles.

Just pennies a day – 40% to 60% less energy than conventional kilns.

Our dry kilns are compact, high performance systems that use heat pump technology for maximum energy efficiency. They reduce moisture to 8% in s few as 2 weeks, using half as much energy as old style kilns! Everything’s high quality including our corrosion resistant aluminum cabinets and our coated dehumidification coils.

TimberKing Kilns
FAST DRYING — Our kilns have bigger motors than others so they’ll dry more wood in less time. Yet they cost about the same as other brands.

EXTRAORDINARY ENERGY EFFICIENCY — Our kilns use 40 – 60% less energy than old-time “energy hog” kilns.

EXCLUSIVE FEATURES — Our heat pump technology includes premium coated, long-life dehumidification coils for dependable long-term performance and low maintenance. Rustproof, epoxy-coated aluminum cabinets, eco-safe refrigerant, safety controls others leave off, and more.

BUILD THE SHED AND SAVE — Slash your costs by building the drying chamber yourself, using your own rough cut lumber. We supply complete instructions, diagrams, and blueprints.
“My TimberKing dry kilns make me more money than anything else in my shop.”

“I have 3 TimberKing dry kilns. They’re good quality and very dependable. Kiln drying definitely adds value and opens markets that won’t buy air dried wood. We buy green oak for $1.06 a foot, dry it, and sell it for $2 a foot. We buy basswood for $0.65 to $1.05, dry it, and sell it for about $3 a foot. When you’re drying 10,000 feet, the value-added profit is significant. My TimberKing dry kilns make me more money than anything else in my shop.”

— Rod Wilcox, Wisconsin

About Us
TimberKing L-200 — compact, high performance dry-kiln system.

Kit includes auxiliary heating, two circulating fans, controls, prewired electric panel, overtemperature fans, and manual.

TimberKing L-200M — computer-controlled for ease and precision. Computerized Efficiency!

Same features as L-200 but with a computer for total accuracy; additional wood probes; automatic shutoff at moisture content you set.


Load Capacity
Softwoods: 1,500 – 2,000 bd. ft. Hardwoods: 4,000 bd. ft.
Drying Time to 8% moisture
12 to 35 days
Operating Temperature
70° to 120°F
Operating Cost
250 to 450 kwh per 1,000 bd. ft. Controls L-200

* TimberKing offers a wide variety of fan sizes and construction. Sizes and types can be altered to fit your specific job requirement.

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